Welcome Back To Well-Being School Program KS1 / KS2

Welcome Back To Your Well-Being

A five-week exploration of emotions, mental health and well-being for children returning to the classroom.

The program will support your children in understanding:

  • Mental health is a normal part of daily life, like physical health. 
  • We are all born with mental health.
  • Mental health is not our emotions. 
  • The superpowers we have because of our mental health.
  • Understanding where their feelings and emotions come from. 
  • Understanding the nature of their feelings and emotions. 
  • Understanding how our feelings and emotions can impact how we experience our mental health. 
  • Understanding we all work in the exact the same way
  • Understanding that our state of mind can affect our judgement and decision making.
  • Understanding that people feel things differently.
  • Understanding the nature of our thoughts.

This will go on to help any child who may find the return to school or impact of the UK wide lockdown overwhelming, supporting their mood state and overall enjoyment of life.

We have created five lessons that are easy to deliver in both a KS1 & KS2 environment.

The program also comes with a pupil journal so children can log their well-being journey.

The lessons are fun and created specifically so the children can lead the direction, maximising the opportunity for them to be included and explore their own emotions and well-being in a fun and safe environment.

Included in this program:

  • Staff Training Manual
  • 5 x Lesson Plans
  • Pupil Journal Download
  • Flash Cards
  • Supporting materials


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